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Cinco de Mayo Round-up

April 29, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
cinco de mayo image

  I enlisted some of my blogger buddies to participate in this  Cinco de Mayo round-up. More than 25 Mexican and Tex-Mex inspired recipes. Just for you. Ole!   ⇒⇒⇒Click on the link above the photo for the recipe.⇐⇐⇐   Restaurant Style Salsa with Chipotle Peppers by Syrup and Biscuits Flank Steak Slow-cooker Fajitas from Syrup… continue reading »

Restaurant Salsa with Chipotle Pepper

April 29, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Restaurant Salsa with Chipotle Pepper. A restaurant-style salsa made fresh at home. Chipotle pepper and adobo sauce adds a touch of smokiness.

You’ve got to hand it to Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants.  They’ve created a nation of chips and salsa lovers. How many times have you ordered chips and salsa as an appetizer and go crazy eating them to the point you ruin your dinner? Hmmm, yep.  That’s what I thought. You can make a high quality… continue reading »

Pickled Onions

April 27, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Pickled Onions (2)

Onions add so much flavor to a dish. There’s very few savory dishes  I eat that don’t  have onion in some form or fashion. Pickled Onions are quick and easy to assemble. The hardest part is waiting overnight to eat them. Use Pickled Onions as a topping on sandwiches, tacos, burritos, salads, etc. As with… continue reading »

Spicy Fried Summer Vegetable Medley

April 26, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Spicy Fried Vegetable Mix (4)

  Fried okra and fried green tomatoes.  How we love them! I swannee, they’re gifts from above. It’s a treat for enduring all that comes along with their season. Summer in the Deep South is no joke. But, we get okra and tomatoes. That seems like an almost fair trade-off. Another delectable treat we love… continue reading »

Southern Deviled Eggs

April 15, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Southern Deviled Eggs. A classic recipe for boiled eggs filled with a mixture of egg yolks, mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard and salt and pepper.

One day, when I was young and foolish, I tried to calculate how many Southern Deviled Eggs I had consumed. I can’t remember my formula. Perhaps I didn’t have a formula and that was part of the problem. For the life of me, I don’t know what prompted me to undertake such a noble endeavor… continue reading »

Slow-cooker Pork Roast and Vegetables

April 11, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Slow-cooker Pork Roast and Vegetables. #tyson #tysonmealkit

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine. #tyson #tysonmealkits It’s not hard to find distractions that keep you from the daily tasks of managing family and household. Sometimes, outside demands, such as jobs, volunteering, kid’s activities, and social commitments get in the way of… continue reading »

Brandied Apricot Glazed City Ham

April 3, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
brandied apricot glazed city ham (5)

There’s something warm and comforting about a big ol’ ham baking away in your oven. It seems that all is well with the world as the  aroma of Brandied Apricot Glazed City Ham wafts through the house. Ham offers a lot of promises. First, you’ve got the promise of a good meal later that day.… continue reading »

Creamed Potatoes and English Peas

March 29, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Creamed Potatoes and English Peas. Yukon gold potatoes and tender English peas cooked in a creamy white sauce.

I’ve written many, many, many stories about the influence my grandmother had on my love of cooking and love of eating and love of life. Granddaddy didn’t cook.  That was Granny’s job. Plus, he may have been a little intimidated to try to follow after her in the kitchen. After Granny’s health started failing, Granddaddy… continue reading »

Carrot Cake

March 25, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Carrot Cake. A moist cake made from lots of fresh shredded carrots, pecans, raisins and spices with a Cream Cheese Icing.

Carrot Cake is one of my husband’s favorite desserts along with Classic Southern Pecan Pie.  I frequently make this grand cake for special occasions.  Recently, my six-year-old grandson, Jackson, got an introduction to Carrot Cake at my house. When he found out I was making a Carrot Cake, his response was the same as mine… continue reading »

Coconut Sheet Cake

March 21, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Coconut Sheet Cake (2)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Our dear friend, Thea Greer, is taking her daughter and several eefamily members on a mission trip to Zambia, Africa this summer in order to build a preschool. She and her family are hosting a barbecue dinner at our church for a fundraising event to underwrite the trip. We’re blessed… continue reading »