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Granny’s Beef Soup

April 21, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Granny's Beef Soup

Celebrate Your Tradition is a promotion hosted by Tuttorosso.   After learning the idea of the promotion is to celebrate and honor someone who inspired you in the kitchen, I wanted to participate.  Opportunities to share the story of my grandmother and all she taught me about life, food and the connections between the two, are precious.… continue reading »

Banana Drop Cookies/Guest Post by Krystal Keith

April 21, 2014
Banana Drop Cookies photo courtesy of Krystal Keith

Today, I have the fun job of introducing you to Krystal Keith.  Krystal is a country girl at heart who loves to spend time in her kitchen. She just happens to make a living singing country music. So, kick back and take some time getting to know Krystal. The  recipe, and accompanying story, for  her… continue reading »

Chicken and Rice

April 13, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Chicken and Rice

Historical cookbooks make frequent mention of  food that is good for “invalids”.  In the broadest sense of the word, invalid referred to anyone recuperating from an illness. That word has fallen out of favor in our colloquial and formal speech. Not just that. You’d be hard pressed to find a modern cookbook that mentions anything… continue reading »

Baked Glazed City Ham

April 12, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Baked glazed ham

A good ham is an honorable and valuable commodity.  The definition of a good ham is purely subjective.  Some prefer a country ham that’s  salt cured and them smoked for a long period of time resulting in a strong flavored ham that is an acquired taste. If this is your preference, I recommend Benton’s Country… continue reading »

Cajun Roasted Whole Cauliflower

April 11, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Wedge of Roasted Whole Cauliflower

Sometime during the mid 1980s, someone tipped me off  to a great new way to cook a head of cauliflower. My husband and I love fresh cauliflower but the process of cleaning and prepping a whole head seemed like way too much trouble. As I look back now, many heads of cauliflower later, I find… continue reading »

Cajun Crispy Fried Onions

April 6, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
onions, fried, cajun

Onion rings made from Vidalia Onions are one of the best things on the planet. You get the aroma of cooked onions to awaken your senses and a good onion flavor that’s  mild and sweet. The only negative about Vidalias is that they’re seasonal. I’m so hooked on sweet onions, thanks to Vidalia’s, that I… continue reading »

1-2-3-4 Cake with Coconut Sour Cream Filling

April 3, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
coconut sour cream cake

One of the first cakes Granny taught me to make was a butter cake with coconut sour cream filling.  Her local grocery stores, The Piggly Wiggly and the IGA, had both started carrying frozen coconut which was an ingredient needed for this filling.  She and her friends were all a-twitter about this cake recipe.  Well,… continue reading »

Fried Dill Pickles

March 24, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Fried Dill Pickles with Ranch Dressing ~ Syrup and Biscuits

Regular dill pickles rank fairly low among my taste preferences. I much prefer sweet pickles.  I do enjoy Fire and Ice Pickles which start out as store bought dill pickle chips and wind up being sweet and sour with a little bit of a kick.  Another good way to eat dill pickle chips is to… continue reading »

Homemade Cajun Seasoning

March 24, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Cajun Seasoning ~ Syrup and Biscuits

Along with everything else in the grocery store, the cost of dry seasoning blends is  as high as a cat’s back.  It’s not hard to  make your own that are customized to your liking and more economical. The hallmark of Cajun seasoning is a blend of three peppers: black, cayenne and pepper flakes. Some of… continue reading »

Skillet Toasted Biscuits

March 15, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Skillet Toasted Biscuits ~ Syrup and Biscuits

I loved the days when I would walk in Granny and Granddaddy’s house and before I shut the front door, one of them would say, “Shug, go look in the safe and find ya something to eat.” The safe was a free-standing, multi-shelved cabinet with doors that  stored leftover bits of breakfast meats, biscuits, cornbread, cakes,… continue reading »