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Rustic Tomato Pie

May 29, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Rustic Tomato Pie. A free-formed butter crust with an herb goat cheese filling topped with fresh sliced tomatoes.

If I had to consider the rest of my life without homegrown tomatoes, I suppose I would survive. I didn’t say I’d be happy about it. And, I don’t think I’d ever stop thinking about them or craving them. There’s something special about homegrown, vine ripened tomatoes that goes beyond the magnificent flavor. Maybe we… continue reading »

All-American Grilled Hamburgers

May 24, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Homemade Grilled Hamburger (2)

Plain ol’ hamburgers.  What’s so good about them?  Everything.  Identified as decidedly all-American, hamburgers are a connectional food within our culinary melting pot.     They’re eaten in every culture and cuisine that consumes beef. Backyard cookouts will feature hamburgers and hotdogs more often than anything else.   When we had out-of-town company at our house,… continue reading »

Herb and Parmesan Grilled Corn

May 23, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Herb and Parmesan Grilled Corn.. Fresh shucked corn is slathered with a compound butter containing fresh herbs, Parmesan cheese and a seasoning blend, wrapped in foil and grilled

It’s as hot as blue blazes in the deep Deep South. We’re whining already and it’s still May. Year after year, we whine about the heat of summer.  Year after the year, the heat of summer comes upon us. You’d think we’d learn that whining does us no good.  We can’t seem to help ourselves.… continue reading »

Skillet Pepperoni Biscuit Pizza

May 11, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Skillet Pepperoni Biscuit Pizza from "Biscuits: sweet and Savory Southern Recipes for the All-American Kitchen"

Goodness gracious day in the morning!  We’ve got so much going on and so many blessings. We had a book launch/tasting party/signing party for Biscuits: Sweet and Savory Southern Recipes for the All-American Kitchen on April 28 in our backyard. I had some talented people help me turn out an awesome event.  We had 117… continue reading »

Turkey and Sausage Gumbo

April 24, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
turkey sausage gumbo (2)

Soup, stew and gumbo are favorites. I love to cook them and I love to eat them. Contrary to what some folks believe, I don’t consider cold weather  the only fittin’ time for eating soup, stew and gumbo. We eat them year round.  I’m a sucker for anything that cooks in one pot. Even if… continue reading »

Spicy Pimento Cheese Biscuit Bites

April 11, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Spicy Pimento Cheese Biscuit Bites. Small biscuit cups filled with pimento cheese , topped with a pickled jalapeno slice and baked.

Something happened Thursday that I’ve never experienced and, most likely, will never again. The event was so intense and emotional that I was exhausted by the night’s end. I held the story of my life in my hands.   My copies of the cookbooks  shipped from the publisher.  While I’ve read the manuscript 1,000 times… continue reading »

Corned Beef Dinner

March 17, 2015
Corned Beef Dinner. Corned Beef Brisket slow simmered for hours on the stovetop with added cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

Corned beef and cabbage is a dish associated with St. Patrick’s Day and fairly well forgotten the rest of the year. Ironically, this dish isn’t traditional Irish fare on St. Patrick’s Day, or any other day. Also, it’s such a fine meal, we need to eat it more often. I’ve never baked corned beef and… continue reading »

Irish Soda Bread

March 15, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Irish Soda Bread - vertical

Regardless of whether  you have an Irish heritage, many  scramble for Irish dishes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You know, if folks are smart, they will make sure to connect food or foods to a holiday when they establish the holiday. There’s a much bigger fuss made over food holidays than non-food holidays. Think about… continue reading »

Roasted Strawberries

March 4, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Roasted Strawberries make a beautiful syrup.

The winter strawberry capital of the world is a grand place to live in the winter. The strawberries are abundant and the climate is mild. Occasionally, we do get temperatures that drop below freezing at night. The strawberries farmers spring into action and employ methods to protect their precious ruby crop. If a strawberry freezes… continue reading »

Meyer Lemon Bars

March 1, 2015
by Jackie Garvin
Lemon Bars. Sweet and tangy soft Meyer lemon cookie bars with a shortbread crust.

I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like Lemon Bars. I suppose they’re out there somewhere in the big ol’ world, but I can tell you that our paths have never crossed. Never. Lemon desserts are a favorite of many.  I guess it’s that sweet and sour combination that’s irresistible.  Like sweet… continue reading »

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