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Rustic Peach Pie

July 25, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Rustic Peach Pie

Simple reduces stress.  That statement is simple and powerful. Can I get an amen? Simplifying our lives is a way to weed out stress. Simple to me means wild flowers instead of roses, clothesline dried clothes instead of machine dried, quick suppers instead of complicated dinners. Simplicity is what draws me to rustic. Anything rustic:… continue reading »

Blackberry Pie with Butter Pie Crust

July 13, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Blackberry Pie with Homemade Butter Crust. A three ingredient blackberry filling baked in a homemade butter crust. #blackberry #pie #butter #crust #southernfood

The blackberries, they are a-comin’ in! I can’t imagine a summer without blackberries. Summer berry pickin’ has been  a routine since I was a pup. Finding a wild blackberry patch is near impossible where I live, so I planted my own.  Be sure to scroll down and check out seven more blackberry recipes! We pick… continue reading »

Peel and Eat Shrimp

July 10, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Peel and Eat Shrimp #shrimp #seafood #gulf #southernfood

July 10 was a big day around our house. We celebrated by stuffing ourselves silly with Peel and Eat Shrimp.   It’s the day I submitted the manuscript for my first book to my publisher, Skyhorse Publishing.  and it’s my fifty-ninth birthday. Yes, 59 years old, five decades plus 9 years. The fifty-ninth anniversary of my… continue reading »

Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad with Fried Okra Croutons

July 8, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Tomato, Goat Cheese Salad with Fried Okra Croutons #tomato #goatcheese #okra

The due date for my manuscript is two days away, T minus 2 days. Gosh, I really don’t know what to think about that.  Part of me is ready to turn it in and get on with something else while I wait for the edits to come back. Part of me thinks I need to… continue reading »

Sage Roasted Chicken Thighs

June 29, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Sage Roasted Chicken Thighs. Seasoned thighs oven roasted with fresh sage. #chicken #sage #southern

Well, well.  I’m coming down the home stretch of finishing my cookbook manuscript.  Of course, this is crunch time and I don’t mean potato chips. It’s a time crunch.  I’m T minus 11 days and counting.  It’s seems paradoxical to say that I have so little time for cooking because I’m writing a cookbook.  Now… continue reading »

Triple Berry Southern Sweet Ice Tea

June 25, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Triple Berry Sweet Ice Tea. A sweetened puree of berries is added to Southern Sweet Tea to make a refreshing summer sipper. #berry #southern #sweet #ice #tea #beverage

Here we are again. Another summer in the deep Deep South. It’s too hot for front porch sipping but we certainly enjoy our sweet ice tea sitting in air conditioning. We’re hitting pools, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, water sprinklers and the Gulf as often as we can possibly work it out. I mixed up Triple… continue reading »

Summer Vegetable Casserole

June 22, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Summer Vegetable Casserole. Layers of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cheese, herbs and spices. #tomato #casserole #squash #zucchini #southern

We had our grandchildren for most of last week while their parents were out-of-town. Jackson had been sick and was still on medication and not completely well when he came to us.  The second day in, Ella gets sick. They are so pitiful when they’re sick. Just as I did with  my sick children,  I devoted… continue reading »

Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins

June 2, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Blueberry Buttermilk Muffin #blueberry #muffin #southernfood #southern

While it’s hot as blue blazes during the summer in the Deep South, so many summertime activities are memorable. Like playing in sprinklers ,which always has been and always will be the best summertime fun.   And blueberry pickin’.   Eatin’ THE WHOLE blackberry cobbler straight out of the pan.   And picking fresh gardenias… continue reading »

Triple Berry Upside Down Cake

May 25, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
Triple Berry Upside Down Cake #berry #upside #down #cake #southernfood

Upside down cakes are either the work of a genius or  a good mistake. If the result is from a good mistake, I have to wonder how it happened. As I remove this Triple Berry Upside-down Cake from the oven, it’s not hard for me to imaging that  a cook might have baked a skillet… continue reading »

Chocolate Chip Biscuits with Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling/Award Winner!

May 23, 2014
by Jackie Garvin
chocolate chip biscuits with strawberry cream cheese filling

We took a little trip to Knoxville, TN this past weekend for the International Biscuit Festival where I competed in the Biscuit Baking Contest. The contest was great fun and a wonderful overall experience.  It didn’t hurt that I came in second place. This was the first cooking contest I’ve entered. Making it to the finals and… continue reading »