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Slow-Cooker Beach House Pulled Pork

August 28, 2016
Slow-cooker Beach House Pulled Pork. A slow-cooker "clean out your refrigerator" recipe that starts with a Boston butt pork roast.

We had an extended vacation this summer in Plymouth, Massachusetts on White Horse Beach. The house we rented is near our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.  The beach house is owned by a lovely couple, Mary and Joe, who were hospitable and warm.  They greeted us with a welcome basket full of goodies!  In addition to our… continue reading »

Southern Field Peas and Okra

August 27, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Southern Field Peas and Okra. This variety shown is zipper peas. Cooked simply with smoked meat, okra , salt and pepper. The crown jewel of Southern summer vegetables.

Summer in the Deep South is hard on our bodies and spirits. The oppressive heat and humidity makes us wonder if we’re going to make it out alive. As miserable and grumpy as we get about the weather, summer is the season for some of our best fruits and vegetables. The crown jewel of Southern… continue reading »

Creamsicle-Inspired Ice Cream Layer Cake

August 26, 2016
Creamsicle-Inspired Ice Cream Layer Cake. A frozen pound cake, orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. An easy ice cream treat that will remind you of a childhood favorite ice cream.

Summers at my grandparent’s house always meant trips to the store owned by Mr. Lovell Brooks near their home in the cotton mill village.  In the front of the store, to the right of the door as you entered, was a chest-type freezer where Mr. Brooks kept ice creams. We weren’t allowed to pick out… continue reading »

New Orleans-style BBQ Shrimp

August 22, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
New Orleans-style BBQ Shrimp. Unpeeled shrimp cooked in a buttery Worcestershire broth. Served with lots of crusty bread to sop up the broth.

If you think you know BBQ, everything you thought you knew is about to go out the window with New Orleans-style BBQ Shrimp. It has nothing to do with grills  or tomato-y sauce. There’s not any smoke involved, either. Charcoal briquettes? No. Apple or hickory wood? No. How ’bout lots of butter, lemon and Worcestershire sauce?… continue reading »

Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash with Baked Eggs

August 20, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Sweet Potato Bacon Hash with Baked Eggs. A skillet meal of sweet potatoes, sweet onions, bacon and eggs. From the cookbook "Sweet Potato Love" by Jackie Garvin.

A short while ago, I wondered if I’d ever catch the attention of a book publisher interested in my writing. My ultimate goal of publishing a cookbook seemed like a pipe dream and one that I’d never realize, most likely. So, here’s where Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash with Baked Eggs comes into the picture.… continue reading »

Grilled Shrimp and Fruit Salad and a Summer Luncheon

August 15, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Grilled Shrimp and Fruit Salad. Wild caught Gulf shrimp, sweet bell peppers, nectarines and pineapple marinated in Creamy Honey Lime Dressing and grilled. Served atop a bed of spring lettuce mix.

Summertime,  big salads and friends over for lunch.  That’s an awesome trio in my book! I felt I was long overdue in treating my friends to lunch.  I created a special menu, just for them, around the theme of summer fruits. Grilled Shrimp and Fruit Salad was the key player. ⇒Summer Fruit Luncheon Menu⇐ Appetizer –… continue reading »

Coconut Macaroon No-Churn Ice Cream

August 11, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Coconut Macaroon No-Churn Ice Cream. The flavor and texture of Coconut Macaroons in an easy no-churn ice cream base.

Something wonderful happens to sweetened, flaked coconut when toasted. The coconut flavor intensifies and takes on a little bit of a nutty flavor, too. Both characteristics are highly desirable. Coconut macaroons, a favorite candy of mine, have but a few simple ingredients: coconut, condensed milk, vanilla and egg whites. The list of ingredients gives me… continue reading »

Buttermilk Ranch Cucumber Onion Salad

August 8, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Buttermilk Ranch Cucumber Onion Salad. Fresh sliced cucumbers, sweet onions and fresh dill with Buttermilk Ranch dressing. A cool and creamy Southern summer staple.

Cucumbers are regular visitors at my table during the summer.  If we don’t have them in a salad, I set a plate of fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on the table at most meals. In addition to a wonderful flavor, cucumbers offer a lot of hydration to combat our extreme heat and humidity in the… continue reading »

Chicken Fajita Salad

August 4, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Chicken Fajita Salad. Marinated and roasted chicken thighs with seasoned peppers and onions served on a bed of lettuce with traditional fajita toppings.

My husband loves fajitas. It’s typically his go to meal at Tex-Mex influenced restaurants.  He can’t resist getting his own little cast iron skillet filled with sizzling meat, onions and peppers that he stuffs into  warm soft tortillas.  Fresh made tortillas are a fine meal.  No argument from me. Summer’s here. We need to eat… continue reading »

Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Raspberry Jam

August 1, 2016
by Jackie Garvin
Baked Brie with Raspberry Jam. Brie topped with raspberry jam and baked in a puff pastry. Serve with crackers.

If you’re looking for a simple appetizer that doesn’t look easy, you’ve hit pay dirt.  Here it is. Brie has such a mild flavor, it needs help from friends. In this case, puff pastry and raspberry jam step forward. Substitute anything you’d like for the jam: another flavor of jam, honey and nuts, etc. If… continue reading »